Nandini Devulapalli


immersive analytics for real humans in two years

The future is near – collaborating immersive analytics and cloud for rich business interactions. Like the online meeting transformation of Webex and Go To Meeting, immersive analytics, serverless computing, cloud desktops, virtual digital assistants, and machine learning will soon follow. Example I Imagine you are part of a global sales management meeting of a global packaging company with $10 billion in revenue, 12 territory sales managers, and 3 area VPs, all reporting to the SVP. Seven people flew down to…

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Innovation in 2021

Growth driven by innovation will underpin the recovery of many companies

The pandemic hit the performance of many companies, especially the service industries that focused on reducing costs to stay afloat. However, the need for productivity improvement remains at the core of most organizations’ issues. The 2010 decade observed the lowest productivity gain in modern times – not surprising when the most prominent innovations overshadowed. Smartphones, followed by social media, took the world by storm. Additionally, several promising and advanced technologies were stalled due to issues related to autonomous vehicles. Automation…

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