We work with developers and entrepreneurs to cultivate ideas.

We help entrepreneurs build-out their ideas into products and their dreams into startups, ready to raise funds and generate rapid customer growth.

How We Work

We work on projects with entrepreneurs to evaluate the ideas, the markets, the timing. It’s challenging stuff that requires subject matter expertise, discipline, good connections, and capital. We bring teams of developers, engineers, UX/UI designers, marketers, data scientists, business development experts and experienced management to support the startups and help them stay focused on their dream. We also support with the necessary, but less sexy stuff, like accounting, bookkeeping, HR & recruiting.

Our sister companies employ software developers, system integrators, solutions architects and designers, so we have talent available to us that we can bring to startups. We can provide startups with support to move from an idea to a minimum viable product, to help test the market and help grow a customer base. We can help build out the Go-To-Market strategy and create a funding plan. We can be a very effective, early-stage partner and we will typically work under a convertible note, making an investment right alongside founders. Sometimes we even put some cash into startups.

Are you a driven entrepreneur or technologist with a great product idea seeking to form a startup? Come talk with us, we just might help you make it happen!

About Us

Our Process

We start with an evaluation process to determine if there is a fit. We look for founders that know their market, bring domain expertise and have a clever idea. We look for markets that we know Read More


Our Mission

Triangulum is a venture foundry built to leverage the experience and strengths of our core partner companies to support new startups. We invite and encourage founders. We help recruit new talent for Read More


Our Beliefs

We believe founding teams are most productive when they can spend most of their time focused on building product and talking to users. We facilitate that by providing them the supporting Read More

Tell us about your startup
If all this seems like a fit for your startup, please complete the information form and submit it to us. We will gladly review and let you know in just a few days what next steps we want to take.
Tell us about your startup
See Our Current Portfolio
Joy Life, Inc. (Everything about your wedding in one place)
Whygrene Inc. (Energy exchange: Save power and make money) 
Planspeak (Find out if you are overpaying for your cell phone plan and stay informed when better deals come along) 
Fullcast Inc. (A sales operations platform)
Trufl (Always first in line)
Ocourts (Next generation technology in the Justice System)
Ocourt (Next generation technology in the Justice System)
Corelytics (The financial health of your clients or channel.)
Corelytics (The financial health of your clients or channel.)
Radiius (The world’s smallest wearable wallet that makes payments safe, fast and easy.)
Radiius ( The world’s smallest wearable wallet that makes payments safe, fast and easy.)
The future of exploration is out of this world
Help people smile with the care of IVORY
Countable ( Cloud-based working paper automation platform)
Spotlight (Accelerate data-driven insights, automate regulatory reporting workflows…)

Vishwa Prasad

General Partner

As General Partner, Vishwa provides direction, aligning our core capabilities with investment strategy Read More

Bob Duffy

Managing Partner

Bob Duffy is a successful technology executive that has led initiatives that have launched more than Read More

Tom Malone – Entrepreneur-in-Residenc

Tom Malone

Entrepreneur in Residence

With over 25 years of top-level executive leadership experience, Tom Malone is recognized for his Read More

Anil Chillarige

Entrepreneur in Residence

Anil Chillarige is a seasoned technology leader with over 20 years of product innovation experience in Read More

Ravi Dasika

Entrepreneur in Residence

Ravi Dasika, with over 23 years of success in high-profile technology and wireless companies ranging Read More

Simon Wright

Entrepreneur in Residence

Simon has spent over 20 years in enterprise business environments, turning around failing Read More

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immersive analytics for real humans in two years

The future is near – collaborating immersive analytics and cloud for rich business interactions. Like the online meeting transformation of Webex and Go To Meeting, immersive analytics, serverless computing, cloud desktops, virtual digital assistants, and machine learning will soon follow. Example I Imagine you are part of a global sales management meeting of a global packaging company with $10 billion in revenue, 12 territory sales managers, and 3 area VPs, all reporting to the SVP. Seven people flew down to…

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Digital Transformation vs. Digitalization

Digital Transformation vs. Digitalization There is no denying that the business world has evolved. We are all actively involved in and experiencing the change in processes. When we enter a store and are given a handwritten receipt, we are immediately taken back maybe ten years. We are accustomed to receiving computer-generated receipts. The widespread acceptance of digital operations has been facilitated by these insignificant adjustments that we often overlook. A few minor and a few significant adoptions. On the consumer…

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Innovation in 2021

Growth driven by innovation will underpin the recovery of many companies

The pandemic hit the performance of many companies, especially the service industries that focused on reducing costs to stay afloat. However, the need for productivity improvement remains at the core of most organizations’ issues. The 2010 decade observed the lowest productivity gain in modern times – not surprising when the most prominent innovations overshadowed. Smartphones, followed by social media, took the world by storm. Additionally, several promising and advanced technologies were stalled due to issues related to autonomous vehicles. Automation…

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Automotive Service

People Tech Group Launches the Automotive Center of the Future

Focus on Developing Next Generation In-Vehicle Solutions People Tech Group today announced the launch of Automotive Center of the Future (ACF). This research center will focus on advancing Human-to-Vehicle interactions by leveraging the latest technologies alongside our valued Automotive industry partners. The center will bring together current and future research into driver

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