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Triangulum Venture Labs, a US based Venture Foundry, is launching a talent-centric ecosystem – Experium, that brings together students, professors and experts from academia and business to build solutions that address current and future challenges of enterprises and entrepreneurs.

What Experium Offers the Tech Industry

  • Industry-ready talent, trained to the market’s needs

  • Opportunities to build technology solutions for real-world problems

  • Longstanding, synergetic academic and industry partnerships

What Experium Offers Students

  • Opportunities to be mentored by industry experts while earning a stipend

  • Exposure to real-world challenges

  • Opportunity to apply leading edge technologies

What Experium Offers to Mentors

  • A chance to nurture the next generation of talent

  • Access to a talent-breeding ground to build industry-specific solutions

  • Monetary rewards for their efforts

How the Initiative Works

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1Industry needs are captured in a Problem Statement

2Talented students are identified from select institutions

3Industry experts and academic leaders are brought on board as Mentors

4Students and mentors are mapped & organized into batches based on skills,interest & expertise

5Teams collaborate online and in provided co-working space to solve the identified real-world problems

Focus areas for the program

Display technology (Android OS based)

Management - HR and Marketing


Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence

IOT (Internet of Things )

Data Analytics

“Experium" offers academic institutions a unique opportunity to provide students with the much required real-world exposure, build an academic-industry partnership and translate research into industry specific solutions with potential for commercialization.

Be it a present day problem or one in our future, join us in devising solutions backed by innovation!

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