Premium Consulting

We work on projects with entrepreneurs to evaluate the ideas, the markets, the timing. It’s challenging stuff that requires subject matter expertise, discipline, good connections, and capital. We bring teams of developers, engineers, UX/UI designers, marketers, data scientists, business development experts and experienced management to support the startups and help them stay focused on their dream. We also support with the necessary, but less sexy stuff, like accounting, bookkeeping, HR & recruiting.

Our sister companies employ software developers, system integrators, solutions architects and designers, so we have talent available to us that we can bring to startups. We can provide startups with support to move from an idea to a minimum viable product, to help test the market and help grow a customer base. We can help build out the Go-To-Market strategy and create a funding plan. We can be a very effective, early-stage partner and we will typically work under a convertible note, making an investment right alongside founders. Sometimes we even put some cash into startups.

Are you a driven entrepreneur or technologist with a great product idea seeking to form a startup? Come talk with us, we just might help you make it happen!