Focus on Developing Next Gen In-Vehicle Solution

People Tech Group announces the launch of the Automotive Center of the Future (ACF). This research center focuses on advancing human-to-vehicle interactions with the latest technologies and the help of automotive industry partners. The center incorporates research and futuristic ideas into driver and passenger in-vehicle experiences that enhance the experience.

During the announcement of the launch, CEO & Founder of the People Tech Group, Vishwa Prasad, stated,

“We are committed to investing $3 to $5 million over the next five years in ACF, with an undivided focus on researching and building smart, transformative, and next-gen Automotive solutions.”

Furthermore, he adds, “We are building partnerships with industry leaders from the Automotive, Energy, Technology, and Hardware Manufacturing spaces and partnering with the Government of Telangana, India. We look forward to pursuing research in transforming the driver experience and increasing the safety of Automotive solutions.”

Surendra Kalahasti, Vice President of People Tech Group, shared the organization’s objectives for the ACF.

“We have a clear roadmap laid out to develop smart solutions with the help of Cloud partners by leveraging advanced Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning technologies and utilize driver and interactive passenger data to bring an enriched in-vehicle experience.”

Founder & CEO of WHYGRENE Inc., Patrick Phelps, is also a partner of the ACF initiative. He expressed his firm’s enthusiasm for the initiative and said, “WHYGRENE Inc. is excited to partner with People Tech Group and ACF. Our secure energy management application supports sustainability efforts through optimally charging and discharging electronic vehicles. WHYGRENE’s blockchain smart contracts add value by creating revenue streams for underutilized EV assets in a garage or managed as a fleet. We are confident that our application adds significant value to the ACF’s efforts to transform automotive solutions as demands fuel EV penetration.”

Bob Duffy, Managing Partner of People Tech Group, said, “The ACF is all about fostering next-gen ideas and seeing them come to life. We will seek partners to explore the future as we build on core expertise in in-vehicle software and cloud solutions.”

The ACF has developed solutions for in-vehicle interaction analytics and EV fleet management. Bob adds, “We will focus on bringing valuable new experiences to the driver and smart solutions like larger displays, new sensors, EV data, and other autonomous driving features to enhance the in-vehicle experience.”

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A transactional platform enabling efficient energy exchange between producers and consumers. WHYGRENE enables customers to monetize their battery storage investments by allowing them to efficiently use or sell excess stored energy through the WHYGRENE cloud-based platform.