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People Tech Group Launches the Automotive Center of the Future

Focus on Developing Next Generation In-Vehicle Solutions People Tech Group today announced the launch of Automotive Center of the Future (ACF). This research center will focus on advancing Human-to-Vehicle interactions by leveraging the latest technologies alongside our valued Automotive industry partners. The center will bring together current and future research into driver

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Blog-1- Advisory Board Guidelines

Advisory Board Guidelines

The best startups use advisory boards with subject matter experts to fill the inevitable gaps of knowledge. Advisory board members are not directors in the traditional sense: They do not serve a governance function or represent shareholders or other stakeholders. They simply provide advice to the startup leadership about achieving current business goals.  Here are some guidelines to consider when setting up an

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Blog-2 - Immersive Analytics for Real Humans in Two Years

Immersive Analytics for Real Humans in Two Years

We aren’t far from a new chapter in collaboration in which immersive analytics and the power of the cloud will provide more rich business interaction.  Just as Webex and Go To Meeting transformed online meetings at the millennium, immersive analytics, serverless computing, cloud desktops, virtual digital assistants and machine learning will transform human interaction…and there’s nothing

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Blog-3 - In a new twist on venture labs: People Tech forms captive venture lab

In a new twist on venture labs: People Tech forms captive venture lab

Redmond, WA, July 12, 2019: Venture foundries provide fertile ground for disruptive ideas to take shape, usually supported by venture capital firms who recruit management teams with domain specific knowledge to lead their foundry’s startups. But consulting firms that are established in their field are already well familiar with their customer’s needs and have the market-tested

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