immersive analytics for real humans in two years

The future is near – collaborating immersive analytics and cloud for rich business interactions. Like the online meeting transformation of Webex and Go To Meeting, immersive analytics, serverless computing, cloud desktops, virtual digital assistants, and machine learning will soon follow. Example I Imagine you are part of a global sales management meeting of a global packaging company with $10 billion in revenue, 12 territory sales managers, and 3 area VPs, all reporting to the SVP. Seven people flew down to…

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Digital Transformation vs. Digitalization

Digital Transformation vs. Digitalization There is no denying that the business world has evolved. We are all actively involved in and experiencing the change in processes. When we enter a store and are given a handwritten receipt, we are immediately taken back maybe ten years. We are accustomed to receiving computer-generated receipts. The widespread acceptance of digital operations has been facilitated by these insignificant adjustments that we often overlook. A few minor and a few significant adoptions. On the consumer…

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